My name is Elias. I’m a cinematographer and editor from the San Francisco Bay Area.

My interest and goal is the same behind the camera as it is in the edit: to make you feel something, to help you connect to an idea or a character through a carefully crafted series of images.

For many years I’ve been part of the production and post-production of various film projects, reaching from feature length documentaries to short narrative dramas and from small independent productions to major brand videos.

The work I’ve been involved in has taken me all around the world to places like India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Germany, United Arab Emirates and all the way back to my home country Switzerland.

But enough about me, I would love to hear more about what’s on your mind. Whether it is a corporate or non-profit gig, a documentary or a narrative project and whether it takes place locally or halfway around the world, I am interested in helping you execute your vision in the most aesthetic way possible.

Feel free to send an email to elias@eliaskoch.com or call me at +1.415.342.5427.